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WNCBC AGM 2018:  Wednesday 14th November – 7pm at Riding Mill Millennium Hall

This year’s guest speaker will be Sgt. Claire Kimberley who will be talking about the launch of the Rural Crime Project.
As you will have read in previous bulletins and newsletters – we are working on an exciting, new, joint-initiative, with Northumbria Police, who want to deliver a Rural Crime Project, working with the village halls in the Rural West of the county. The Rural Crime Project is managed by Sgt. Claire Kimberley, who will be our ‘guest speaker’ at the AGM. She will outline the project and her hopes for working with your halls, on this innovative initiative.
The BBC may also be present at the AGM, because they are currently filming a Documentary on Rural Crime, with Northumbria Police – and they are interested in this new project and how it develops. The BBC series is focussing on policing through the eyes of one police force and they have chosen Northumbria Police. The aim is to see how the police deal with such a varied and large area/county, but also to see what it is like for the people who live in those areas. It is important for the series, to acknowledge how the rural communities are policed and what life is like for the residents of those communities.  The BBC feel that the meeting will be a great way to showcase the engagement between the police and rural communities – however there is no guarantee they will get there – much depends on their time constraints. Of course, if they do film it, there is also no guarantee the footage will make final edit into the documentary.
The focus will obviously be on Sgt Kimberley, but I am sure you will agree that it will be very interesting to witness!


#VillageHalls Week: 22nd – 28th January 2019

January 22nd to 28th 2019, will see the second, national #VillageHallsWeek taking place, helping to raise the profile of some 11,000 vitally important halls/community buildings right across the country. The first celebration week was trending all over social media last year and many halls in Northumberland got involved, by hosting special events and activities which included Burns suppers, bake sales, energy events, coffee mornings and even an employment session.  Why not use the opportunity this January to host your own Village Hall event or activity? Whatever you choose to do to celebrate #VillageHallsWeek 2019, let CAN know, as they would be delighted to help you to spread the word.


Save the Date…

CAN is planning its own #VillageHallsWeek event on Wednesday 23rd January 2019, at 10.30am in Stannington Village Hall (next to the Ridley Arms) to acknowledge all the hard working, dedicated trustees who manage halls and community buildings across Northumberland.  As part of the event, they would like to showcase the heritage of village halls and the huge contribution they make to rural communities. They are aware that many of you have already delved into the history of your halls/villages/community buildings – perhaps you would like to put up a display at the event in January?  Look out for further details of the event and how to get involved in the next few weeks…


West Northumberland Community Buildings Consortium (WNCBC) is registered with the Charity Commission – registration number 1168006.  You can view our information on the Charity Commission website here.

WNCBC is an organisation which was set up to represent all village halls and community buildings of any type within the West Northumberland area. It is run by a management committee which is made up of volunteers from within its own members halls, and is further supported by Community Action Northumberland (CAN), who provide us with an administrative and advisory function.
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