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About the Consortium

Agreement signed with Community Action Northumberland (CAN)

An agreement has been signed for CAN to supply Secretarial and other services to the Consortium with effect from 1st October 2017. The Committee approved this change at its meeting on 6th July 2017 when it was reported that 42 members had confirmed their approval of the proposal and the consequent increase in the Consortium’s Annual Subscription to £35.

Read more about this here.

The Annual General Meeting

The Consortium’s AGM will take place on Thursday 9th November 2017 at Riding Mill Parish Hall, beginning at 7.00pm. This will be an important meeting and we hope that Members  will send a representative. Of particular importance is the need to recruit a new Chair of the Consortium Committee and around five Committee members.

Read more about the need for new Committee members here.

Can you help us?

This is the website for the  West Northumberland Community Buildings Consortium.

The current design needs updating to reflect the increasing use of mobile and tablet devices. It will be updated soon with a new version, for which more images would add to the visual appeal.

Pictures of members’ buildings, landscapes, activities or people will be welcomed by the editor, Michael Elphick. They should be in any suitable digital format, preferably in high resolution, and should be sent via email to:

Here’s an example of what we’re looking for (with thanks to Neville Gray from Ovingham):


Ovingham Reading Room

The Consortium is now registered with the Charity Commission, with registration number 1168006. The information recorded on the Commission website for the Consortium can be viewed here.

The Consortium is an organisation set up to represent all village halls and community buildings of any type within this area, which can offer:

  • Financial benefits by using the bulk purchasing power of the Consortium.
  • More financial benefits by joint purchasing.
  • An information service, providing advice and checklists.
  • Help and lobbying in resolving issues relating to community buildings.
  • Joint training for members.
  • A forum for members to exchange views, ideas and best practice.

See where our member’s Halls are located:

Use the links on the left to explore our membership, the range of services and discounts (some may be restricted to members only), and advice sheets. Other links on the right provide more information on using the site, and some useful contacts for other organisations.

The most recent articles that have been published are: