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New Committee to be formed – more members needed!

Several members of the existing Committee are to retire at the AGM in November including the Chairman, Mike Wood, the Secretary,  Adrian Hinchcliffe,  Committee Member Keith Robson and possibly the Treasurer, Andy Pryor . With the exception of Andy these officials have been with the Consortium since 2007 when the Consortium was initiated. This will represent a loss of knowledge and experience but everything is being done between now and the AGM to try and ensure that the changeover goes smoothly.

At the AGM a new Committee will be formed. Several existing members of the Committee are willing to continue and at the July Committee meeting Sarah Hallberg-Poppleton of Tarset Village Hall has joined the Committee and has taken the position of Honorary Secretary (Designate).

It does mean that we will be short of a Chair of the Committee and we would like to recruit up to five new Committee members.

Member organisations – please can you help?  We need around five new committee members, and particularly a new Chair!