Adding images & documents

This note explains how to add an image, PDF or Word document to a WordPress post or page.

The first step is to decide where you wish to insert the image or document, and place the editing cursor at this point. Then select one of the ‘Upload/Insert’ buttons on the top row of the editing panel (leftmost button for images, rightmost button for documents).

This opens a box entitled ‘Add an image’ or ‘Add Media’, which gives a selection of sources: ‘From Computer’, ‘From URL’, ‘Gallery’, or ‘Media Library’. If you have not already done so, you can upload the image or document concerned from your machine by selecting ‘From Computer’. When you have selected the file, click ‘Upload’ and wait until the transfer completes. Then fill in the details such as name, caption, etc. and insert into the post or page.

You can also retrieve items from the media library in the site file area; this is accessed from the Media section of the editing interface. You will then be able to insert them into a page or post.