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Testing programme: 2017-2018

This is the programme of current tests, maintained and updated by the Coordinator, Roly Taylor:

Community BuildingTest MonthAppliances Tested PreviouslyTestersTestersKit
Knarsdale & KirkhaughOctober 1712Melvyn Whatmough1
Featherstone VHOctober 177Melvyn Whatmough1
Gilsland VHOctober 1728Melvyn Whatmough1
Greenhead VHOctober 1734Melvyn Whatmough1
Wylam Methodist ChurchOctober 1742Denis Peel2
West Denton Scout HQOctober 1720Roly Taylor2
Catton Village HallNovember 1732Ray Tilley2
High Forest CANovember 1711Ray Tilley2
Allendale VHNovember 1763Ray TilleyRoly Taylor2
Allenheads TrustNovember 17Ray Tilley2
Falstone VHDecember 1718Malcolm Brody3
Tarset VH, LaneheadDecember 179Malcolm Brody3
Wark THDecember 1715Malcolm Brody3
Bellingham Town HallDecember 1723Malcolm Brody3
Bellingham YECDecember 1710Malcolm Brody3
Simonburn VHDecember 176Malcolm Brody3
Byrness VHDecember 1712David Pentney1
Kirkwhelpington VHDecember 1719David Pentney1
Rochester VHDecember 1711David Pentney1
Otterburn Sports Centre December 1741David Pentney1
Corsenside VHDecember 1713David Pentney1
Newbrough THJanuary 1863Angela & David WatsonRoly Taylor2 & 3
Haltwhistle Leisure CentreJanuary 1853Angela & David WatsonRoly Taylor2 & 3
Bardon Mill & Henshaw VHJanuary 1825Angela & David WatsonRoly Taylor2 & 3
Haydon Bridge CCJanuary 1820Angela & David WatsonRoly Taylor2 & 3
Wall VH & ChurchJanuary 1841Angela & David WatsonRoly Taylor2 & 3
Acomb VHJanuary 187Angela & David WatsonRoly Taylor2 & 3
Chollerton & Gunnerton ChurchesJanuary 1810Neil BatesRoly Taylor
Barrasford VHFebruary 1822Neil BatesRoly Taylor3
Colwell VHFebruary 189Neil BatesRoly Taylor3
Whitley Chapel PHFebruary 1819Ray Hamilton3
Blanchland VHFebruary 187Ray Hamilton3
Snods Edge VH & ChurchFebruary 1820Ray Hamilton3
St. Oswin's WylamFebruary 1823Denis Peel1
Wylam InstituteFebruary 1869Denis PeelRay Hamilton1
Corbridge PHFebruary 1816Denis Peel1
Riding Mill VHFebruary 1825Denis Peel1
Horsley WIFebruary 18Denis Peel1
Horsley Hearth CentreFebruary 18Denis Peel1
Birtley VHFebruary 1817Sally Danys & Paul Dennis2
Great Whittington VHMarch 1815Sally Danys & Paul Dennis2
Matfen VHMarch 1818Sally Danys & Paul Dennis2
Witley Chapel VHFebruary 1819Ray Hamilton3
Slaley CHFebruary 1819Ray Hamilton 3
Minsteracres Retreat CentreMarch/April 18347Roly Taylor, Ray Tilley Denis Peel, Angela&David Watson, Bruce Napier, Mike Gibson, Ray Hamilton1, 2 & 3
Shepherds Dene Retreat CMarch/April 18196 Roly Taylor, Ray Tilley Angela & David Watson, Denis Peel, Neil Bates1, 2 & 3
Hexham Com. CentreApril 18Denis Peel, Chris Lindsay, Neil Bates1, 2 & 3
Catton & Allendale ChapelsJune 1835Ray Tilley3
Stocksfield Community CenterJune 1890Chris LindsayRoly Taylor1 & 2
Spetchells Centre, Prudhoe June 1858Chris LindsayRoly Taylor1 & 2
Stocksfield Tennis Club June 18No longer requiredChris LindsayRoly Taylor1 & 2
Ponteland PHJune 1814Trish Hardy ???3
Ponteland Memorial HallJune 1820Trish Hardy ???3
Heddon on the Wall KMHJune 188Trish Hardy ???3
Heddon on the Wall WIJune 1814Trish Hardy ???3
Whalton VHJune 1814Trish Hardy ???3
Stamfordham VH July 1821Neil Bates3
Stamfordham ChurchJuly 1814Neil Bates3
Stamfordham Uniting ChurchJuly 189Neil Bates3
Old School, OvinghamJuly 1841Chris LindsayRoly Taylor1 & 2
Prudhoe PH & ChurchJuly 1854Chris LindsayRoly Taylor1 & 2
Ovingham Reading RoomJuly 1885Chris LindsayRoly Taylor1 & 2