Portable Appliance Testing scheme now underway

Greenhead Village Hall is the first to receive the Consortium’s PAT Testing Service. 54 items have been tested at the Hall and certified safe for use. Mike Wood, the Volunteer Tester for Greenhead Village Hall, said that testing took about three hours due to the number of appliances at the Hall, which are more than most Halls.

All members of the Consortium have been asked whether they wish to have the Consortium’s service, and so far 34 members have signed up with another twelve still to decide. Testing will take place between now and the end of May 2012 with the two sets of testing equipment moving between the Volunteer Testers.

Those Members who are taking the service have been sent a copy of the PAT Testing data base to ensure that the details of their Halls and contacts that are held are correct. Following this, and about one month prior to the period in which testing is due to take place, each Hall will be sent specific instructions on the procedure. There will also be information held on the web site but this will only be accessible to those who are taking the service.

Again we are in a debt of gratitude to the volunteers who have put themselves forward for PAT Testing. They are :

Alan Brewin, Pat Johnston, Denis Peel, Matthew Singleton, Liz Stewart, Michael Stott, Melvyn Whatmough, and Mike Wood.