The 2013 Spring General Meeting at Stocksfield Community Centre.

The Spring General Meeting of the Consortium was held on May 7th, 2013, at Stocksfield Community Centre. There were ten members present, and some of the items for discussion were as follows:

  • David Francis, Director, Community Action Northumberland, gave a talk on the new charity status known as Charitable Incorporated Organisation which offers Trustees the limited liability. A summary of David’s talk is attached here.
  • The Secretary gave an account of how the heating system had been enhanced at the Newton and Bywell Community Hall to give improved control, better comfort conditions, improved efficiency and better management. See the paper attached.
  • The Secretary outlined some thoughts on what level of financial reserves should be held:  see the summary here.
  • Succession Planning. Most of the Management Committee have been in post since the inception of the Consortium in 2008, and some have indicated their desire to retire at the next AGM. The Secretary has appealed for new people to join the Management Committee but so far no one has come forward. It is essential to find some new people to continue the good work of the Consortium. Equally the Consortium is looking for further volunteers to become Portable Appliance Testers, for which training will be given.