The 2014 AGM at Riding Mill

The 6th Annual General Meeting of the Consortium was held on Tuesday 21 October 2014 at Riding Mill Parish Hall, and attracted an audience of 23 members, as well as our visiting speakers Louise Currie (CAN), and Bernard Hammick (HallMaster).

The Treasurer presented a statement of accounts for the year to 30 September 2014, which showed income of £2,510 and expenditure of £1,387 giving a surplus for the year of £1,123.

Election of Chairman

Mike Wood was then elected as Chairman, Adrian Hinchcliffe was elected as Secretary, while Liz Stewart agreed to continue as Treasurer for a short period whilst a wider appeal could be made. She is to leave West Northumberland in Spring 2015, so it is imperative that a new person is found.

The following Committee Members were nominated and elected unanimously: Keith Robson, Michael Elphick, Margaret Weatherley, Georgia Shorrocks, David Easby, Roly Taylor and Pam Pryor.

Bernard Hammick of HallMaster then gave an interesting demonstration of his company’s on-line booking system; full details of this can be found at

Finally Louise Currie of CAN gave a presentation of covering the statutory and ‘good practice’ requirements for village Halls in situations where the Hall Trustees become employers, or alternatively contract with individuals or businesses for the supply of services. The presentation brought members up to date with the latest requirements and gave guidance on when to employ a ‘contractor’ or have them as an ‘employee’. The following documents summarise this advice under different aspects, and will also be available under INFORMATION & ADVICE:

  1. Employment in village halls
  2. Employers’ Obligations
  3. Job Description
  4. Contract of Employment
  5. Disciplinary Procedure
  6. Grievance Procedure
  7. Self Employed Staff and Management Committees