An urgent appeal from Community Action Northumberland!

This refers to a request from David Francis of CAN, who asks if you would support the following petition to Government; you can do this directly at

Dear Member,

You may be aware of the proposal to cease Government funding for the national Rural Community Council network – of which Community Action Northumberland (CAN)  is a member.  If this decision is made, it will have a serious impact on the work and support offered to village halls in Northumberland and to the Consortium.   There is a campaign underway to continue this funding and I am actively seeking support from you.

Please read the Letter to Village Halls from David Francis of CAN, which outlines the details – and advises how you can support the village Hall network in Northumberland.  To date, ACRE has passed on 2,000 signatures. If they get to 10,000 signatures the Government will make an official response and 100,000 signatures could prompt a Commons debate.  Keep the momentum going and keep the petition ‘trending’ on the Government e-petition homepage.  It appears that the petition can be signed by more than one person from a single email address. So, for example, a village hall committee secretary could sign for other members, if internet access was a problem. They would need their full name, home address and postcode – and,  of course, their permission. (I do not know if there is a limit to how many times one email address can be used)

Attached is an additional paper which gives an overview of the Government’s financial support, via DEFRA, for the work of rural community councils (RCCs), across rural England and how CAN uses that funding to give support to the Consortium.

Many thanks, in anticipation of your support.

Adrian Hinchcliffe, Secretary, West Northumberland Community Buildings Consortium