Thanks to the PAT testing team!

After another year of PAT Testing we have yet again to thank all those involved in carrying out this service – all on a voluntary basis.

First thanks must go to Roly Taylor, the new Coordinator of the Service. Roly took on the Coordinators role in September 2016 and has made an enormous difference. He has made the Service more efficient with much improved organisation and communications. Many thanks Roly!

We owe a debt of gratitude to the following people who have carried out testing either alone or in teams:

  • Angela & David Watson
  • Chris Lindsay
  • David Pentney
  • Denis Peel
  • Malcolm Brodie
  • Melvyn Whatmough
  • Michael and Pat Stott
  • Mike Wood
  • Ray Hamilton
  • Ray Tilley
  • Roly Taylor
  • Sally Danys and Paul Dennis
  • Trish Hardy and John Seager
  • David Wright

The Service would not exist without these people, so:   Thank You All Very Much!