A New Committee

Several long-serving members of the Management Committee retired at the AGM in November 2017 – including Mike Wood (Chair), Adrian Hinchcliffe (Secretary) and Keith Robson. These three stalwarts have been with the Consortium since 2007, when the Consortium was initiated and their retirement represents a great loss of knowledge and experience.  Mike, Adrian and Keith were all formally thanked at the AGM and they will certainly be much missed.

Following the AGM however, we have some very positive news in that several existing members of the Committee were willing to continue and we now have four new members of the committee (three of whom bravely came forward at the AGM) as well as a very welcome partnership with CAN, who are now acting as our administrators as well as bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table – which benefits both the committee and all our members.

Because the committee is very new, we have not had any volunteers for the role of Chair as yet – and we will be operating with a different chair being selected at each meeting going forwards.  We do, however, have a new secretary Sarah Hallberg (Tarset Village Hall) alongside Andy Pryor (Treasurer) and Louise Currie (CAN) for the 2017/18 year.

The 2017/18 committee is therefore as follows (in alphabetical order):

  • Mike Barlow
  • Jill Bungay
  • David Easby
  • Michael Elphick
  • Neville Gray
  • Sarah Hallberg (Secretary)
  • Vicky Herod
  • Andy Pryor (Treasurer)
  • Roly Taylor

The current WNCBC Secretary can be contacted by email at sarahwncbc@btinternet.com or via 01434 240767

In addition, CAN provide administration services for WNCBC and you are welcome to contact Louise Currie by email at louise.wncbc@ca-north.org.uk or via 01670 517178