WNCBC in partnership with CAN

In October 2017, at WNCBC’s Annual General Meeting, I took over the position of Secretary to the West Northumberland Community Buildings Consortium (WNCBC), following Adrian Hinchcliffe’s retirement after ten years of sterling service. As luck would have it, I stepped into the WNCBC role at a point in time where the management and administrative functions of the Consortium were changing significantly, in the form of a fledgling partnership with CAN.

Initially undertaken as a response to a lack of volunteers from within the committees of the 64 halls that currently make up WNCBC’s membership, in fact this partnership is already proving to hold significant benefits for both WNCBC and CAN.

The main benefits for WNCBC include access to expert, independent advice on a huge range of subjects and on legislative changes that will affect the Consortium and its member halls; CAN also provide an administrative function, dealing with membership renewals, maintenance of accurate records, help with the production of newsletters and bulletins for our members, and secretarial minuting functions for meetings.

Two things we will be working closely on in the near future, are the identification of potential training needs for our members, and the question of our website and IT – about which a questionnaire will be circulated in the next few weeks, to help us identify how our members use the website currently and what they would like, want and need to see from it in the future.

In the months we have been in partnership with CAN, it has been very much a case of working together to see how the arrangement can best suit both our needs – and certainly, from my point of view, CAN have been invaluable in a huge number of areas.  Particular thanks must go to Louise Currie, who has put up with numerous phone calls as I get to grips with what is required!

Sarah Hallberg (Secretary)