Village Halls National Survey – Closing Date Extended to End of April 2020

A message from Louise Currie (CAN):

“Before the outbreak of Covid-19, I sent out a link to all halls to encourage them to complete the National Village Halls Survey.  It’s undertaken every 10 years, by ACRE and has been open now for a couple of months.

Last time it was undertaken, we were proud that Northumberland was one of the counties which had submitted the greatest number of responses, nationally.  Although some halls have already completed it in the County, we would like to encourage those that have not already done so, to complete it.  Currently, only 35 halls in Northumberland have submitted a completed form, so out of circa 135-140 halls in Northumberland, the response could be improved.  I realise that the Covid-19 epidemic appeared bang in the middle of this – and I am sure this has been a justifiable distraction!!

However – I would like to make a plea to the trustees of all the halls in the county to take the time to complete it.  The information that you provide, facilitates and shapes future support for halls in the whole Country and truly helps to update the current village hall ‘landscape’ – so it is really very important.  Once we come out of this rather surreal situation – people will rely even more on our wonderful halls, so the time you take now, to complete this questionnaire, will help us all in the long run.

Please read both the Preview and the Instructions before commencing and allow about hour for completion. For ease – some advice below;

  1. ONE response per hall only,  so whoever is the designated person for your hall,  might want to get the opinion of their other trustees before they fill it in, in order that it is a collective opinion, rather than just one person’s response.
  2. There are some helpful guidelines which should be read before completing the survey – as they tell you what paperwork you will need at hand, before completing it.
  3. You will see a PDF copy of the survey. This is purely to help you draft your answers –  so you can print it out and have a look at the questions/discuss with your other trustees/jot down any answers, before you fill in the online survey
  4. Once you are ready to take the survey, please go to ACRE’s website:

It might be a good way to spend your time while you are working from home –  it will certainly help all halls in the longer term – the new submission date is the end of April, so it isn’t too late.  Thank you very much for your support!