Village Hall Videos – Preparing for life after lock-down

Would you be interested in creating a ‘walk-round’ video to demonstrate what measures you are putting in place to reassure and welcome your user-groups back to your hall?  We have been disseminating information via ACRE to help you prepare to open your doors again and this is a wonderful idea, via CAN, to show your users what to expect when they return.  What a great use of some of the grant money from the County Council !! As lockdown restrictions are lifted and we look to reopen village halls, church halls and other community spaces, how do you inform your community about changes that they might encounter at your building?  People are rightly concerned about their own health and safety and need to be reassured that returning to community buildings will be safe and well managed.

Videos can be a great way to get your message across to a wide audience in a cost effective way. A ‘walk-around’ video can build confidence among people that organise activities, hire rooms and enjoy the facilities at your village hall. Videos can effectively show people that reopening has been properly thought through.

Jamie Spence from Audioclicks has worked on a number of projects with CAN and many of you may know him already – whether from shooting videos at your own buildings or being interviewed by him at a CAN event.  Jamie is an experienced community worker and works as a part time project manager with a charity in North Tyneside that is planning to use video as a community information tool once they have everything in place to reopen.

For a special CAN network fee of £250 (plus mileage expenses) he will create a short, high quality video that gets your key messages across. A basic video would be up to 5 minutes long, produced in high definition format and include a voiceover with text captions to highlight your key points. Jamie will work with you to make sure the video can be easily shared and seen by people in your community by publishing it in a way that suits you best.

Click on the following link to hear Jamie explain a little more about the idea:

If you would like to discuss how this might work for your village hall please call Jamie on 07500041196 or email him at