The WNCBC AGM will be held online (via Zoom) on Thursday 10th June 2021 at 7.00pm

As you already know, we were unable to hold the Consortium AGM last year due to COVID restrictions and complications arising from them.

Until relatively recently, legislation and restrictions have been changing rapidly in response to the numbers of cases and the Government waiting to see what the efficacy rates of the vaccination programme were.  The decision was therefore taken to wait until we felt the situation had stabilised sufficiently for us to hold the AGM – not just in terms of venues/physical safety, but in terms of the time we have been forced to spend on getting our halls ready for re-opening and confidence in the precautionary measures taken as well as the time to regain confidence about the approaching lifting of all restrictions (assuming the Government’s dates all go to plan).

Although we would potentially be able to hold a physical meeting by early June, we feel that the social distancing restrictions which will remain in place at that point would significantly restrict the number that could come along – and in addition, we feel it may be a bit early for some people to feel entirely comfortable about attending in person, so we have therefore decided to hold the AGM by Zoom.

We would really like to encourage as many of our members’ trustees as possible to attend the AGM, so we would be grateful if you could let both Louise and I know, by Monday 7th June at the latest, if you would like to attend.  Please note that each person from your committee who would like to attend will need to contact me or Louise to register individually, as the invite meeting links will be emailed out (a couple of days before the meeting) individually to all those who have responded – meaning that if you don’t register with us individually beforehand, you won’t be able to join the meeting.

The draft minutes from our previous AGM (way back in November 2019) can be viewed in the ‘meetings and minutes’ section of this website, as can the draft minutes from our most recent committee meeting in February, so please feel free to have a look through the draft minutes – although we will send individual copies out to you with the agenda nearer the time.

We would also like to reassure you, that as always, there will be no pressure whatsoever on anyone to join the committee.  All the current members are prepared to stand again and we have a couple more people who have expressed an interest in joining, but we would love it if you would like to join us…there is room for 5 more people, should anyone feel like becoming part of the committee.

Your presence at the zoom AGM would be greatly appreciated and we very much look forward to seeing you all there!