Update on the Rural Crime Initiative

Over the past 15 months, communication with the police has been severely limited due to the demands on the police by the COVID situation. Sergeant Claire Kimberly, who initially proposed the project, is currently on secondment and her duties are currently being covered by someone who is not involved in the project.

A meeting in April 2021 was proposed by Community Engagement Officer, Ryan Young, to discuss the COVID Roadmap, what the future looks like for the Village halls, and how the police and Village Halls can work more closely together. Neither Louise nor Sarah were able to attend the meeting, however, and we understand that it was unable to go ahead due to lack of interest. WNCBC will update its members once the police are able to communicate again in more detail.

The Police Tool Kit which was issued by the police in Autumn 2019 was updated in March 2020, and whether halls join the scheme or not, the guide provides useful information about what to report, who to report it to and what sort of information the police are likely to need. It also gives useful advice about securing goods and property, how to stay safe online and how to spot potential crimes.

The trial Community Messaging System is now well-established and delivers relevant, real-time information, which can be passed on as needed to your communities. You can sign up to be part of the system via the link above.