Membership benefits

This section provides links to details of the current membership benefits of the Consortium, as well as to details of how to update your hall’s details and how to renew your annual membership.

WNCBC is run by its members for the benefit of all members, and membership provides many benefits – not all of them financial.  Some of the main benefits are listed below:

  • Access to discounts on insurance
  • A Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) Service that offers a testing service that is around one third of commercial rates
  • Access to EnergyCAN with low value electricity and gas contracts and benefits from collective purchasing
  • Access to an Information Service that offers information on a full range of topics relating to running a Community Building including funding
  • Guidance on constitutional issues and charity matters
  • Information on licencing and the regulations that relate to community buildings
  • Newsletters and Bulletins – keeping members up to date on current news and issues
  • A louder voice on issues by enabling the Consortium to speak on behalf of all its members
  • Access to training courses and discounts offered by CAN to members
  • Access to a network of 64 members for sales, purchases and information
  • Membership of a network of similar type organisations in West Northumberland
  • Access to other discounts organised by the Consortium
  • Guidance on best practice