For sale or wanted?

Do you have any items of equipment that are no longer needed by your hall? Or are there things you need, that other members might wish to dispose of? It has been suggested that this website could be used as an intermediary, and to publish a “Sale or wanted” list.

If you are interested, just fill in the short form below, giving as full a description of the item(s) as possible. You must also provide a phone number and/or email address so that anyone interested can get in touch with you.

Offers of surplus and wanted items will then be listed below:

Items for sale Contact Notes



Items wanted Contact Notes

N.B. If you have completed a successful swap, it is your responsibility to send an email reporting this, so that the entry can be removed from the page.

Do you have items for sale, or do you want one?
Please describe the item(s) for sale, or what you are looking for.
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