Health & Safety Policy practice

This document is offered as a guide to village hall and community building committee members who may find the subject daunting. It explains the key statutory requirements as they affect village halls and community buildings, and how to address them.

It is published here as a PDF document: Health & Safety Policy. For the benefit of committee members the text of Appendices 2 and 3 is also available as a Microsoft Word document for editing.

This is intended as a simple guide to health and safety in village halls and community buildings. It has been extracted from ACRE’s Village Hall Information Sheet number 15. However, to obtain a full understanding of the subject readers are recommended to read through the full Information Sheet from ACRE.

An alternative checklist for Village and Community Halls is produced by the Health and Safety Executive, and can be accessed on the HSE web site at:

The HSE also does a worked example of a risk assessment which can be found at: