Insurance discounts

On behalf of its Members, the Consortium has negotiated discounts and other benefits with four companies that sell insurance for the buildings and contents of Village Halls and other similar Community Buildings.

To benefit from the deals on offer, Members must obtain quotations from one or more of the companies making the company aware that you are a member of the Consortium. To get the best deals it is recommended that Members obtain a number of quotations so that you have a comparison. Members will need to ensure that the quotations obtained are comparative in terms of the risks that they cover.

Members are responsible for submitting the correct details of their requirements to the Insurance Companies. They are also responsible for evaluating the quotations and the acceptance of any quotation.

It must be stressed that the Consortium is not offering financial advice or guidance in the selection of a company for the insurance needs of your Hall or Community Building. The Consortium does not favour or recommend any particular company. Set out below is the results of negotiations with various firms but there may be others in the market that you could deal with and possibly achieve a better package. It is the responsibility of each member to obtain quotations and to enter into a contract with their chosen company.

The full details of the agreement are given in this Guide for Members.

Please read it carefully before proceeding further.