Wark Town Hall & Mechanics Institute

Location:  Wark Town Hall, Wark, NE48 3LG

Features:  Wark Mechanics Institute and Town Hall is a Grade 2 listed building, it was built in the 1874 through the sponsorship of the village and by donation of the land it stands on.    The Town Hall is registered with, and property vested in, the Charity Commissioners.

The main public spaces of the building have been refurbished to enable Wark to have a focal point for the community.   Lettings of the available rooms range from sessions for a Toddler Group, through local interest groups, fitness classes to Indoor Bowls and many and varied social functions, applications sometimes exceeding capacity.

Facilities:  On the ground floor there is a room for small gatherings, used regularly on Fridays for coffee, the charge for which goes towards the ongoing costs of the building.    This room has been greatly enhanced by refurbishment and allows the Town Hall to offer a smaller, comfortable meeting room that could be used when the main hall is booked,

As well as the ‘coffee room’ there is a suite comprising a good sized room with attached kitchen which has the potential to be let as an independent office space for a small business; the letting giving a regular income as well as raising the profile of the building to other interested groups.

Also on the ground floor there is a modern disabled toilet/baby changing facility.


  • Half Day 9-1 or 1-5 £30.00
  • Whole Day 9-5 £50.00
  • Whole Day plus Evening* £70.00
  • Evening only* £50.00
  • Main Hall hourly rate £15.00
  • Front and Supper Rooms 2 hours minimum £10.00, thereafter plus £5 per hour

Website: warkmechanicsinstitute.btck.co.uk

Registered Charity Number: 522157.