WNCBC Newsletters

As part of your membership fee, WNCBC Newsletters are published electronically to keep members aware of what is going on, and are sent out by email to all contacts.  In 2020, there were no newsletters sent out due to the rapidly changing legislation and circumstances surrounding the COVID situation.  However, we have been busy during the pandemic and we now have some news to share, so the next newsletter is due in Spring/Summer 2021.

In between newsletters, if we have something vital or interesting to communicate to our members, we will send out Bulletins (either direct from our Secretary or via Mailchimp).  In order to ensure you don’t miss out on any vital information, it is therefore worth adding both the following email addresses to your ‘safe senders’ list: sarahwncbc@btinternet.com and sarahwncbc.btinternet.com@send.mailchimpapp.com.

We do not keep links to our bulletins on the website, as they are more immediate in nature, but you can view/download copies of the Newsletters issued over the last 6 years by clicking on the links below.  Older newsletters are available on request – just drop an email to Sarah for copies of any and all newsletters going back to October 2008 (which was our very first newsletter).

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