PAT Service 2021-22

We are very happy to be able to confirm that the PAT Service re-started as expected in September 2021, after an extended period of being unable to conduct the relevant tests.

The table below shows the record of when the scheduled tests for the 2021/22 PAT programme are likely to happen.  Please can you check the dates for your hall and make sure that your PAT contact info is correct, so that the volunteer testers can contact you and arrange specific dates to conduct the tests.

A number of halls have contacted us because they are concerned about having a gap of well over a year (nearly two years in some cases, depending on where they are in the general PAT schedule) in the testing process, and we absolutely understand our members’ concerns.  It is worth, however, noting that it is a myth that all portable electrical appliances in a ‘low-risk’ environment (e.g. offices and village halls, etc.) legally need to have a portable appliance test (PAT) every year.  The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 require that any electrical equipment that has the potential to cause injury is maintained in a safe condition (in order to prevent danger).  The Regulations, however, do not specify what needs to be done, by whom or how frequently (they don’t make inspection or testing of electrical appliances a legal requirement, nor do they make it a legal requirement to undertake this annually).   However, that said, it is both sensible and good practice to have your equipment tested every year to make sure safety standards are as good as they can be and that any risk to the hall and to any of its users is minimised.

The real issue comes in terms of queries you may receive from your insurers – some of whom prefer testing to be carried out annually.  Should you have any questions from your insurers, all you should need to state is that your usual annual testing has been delayed as a result of restrictions due to COVID and that you expect your next test to be carried out around the dates stated in the spreadsheet below (assuming you have already registered with us, of  course).  Your insurers will probably need to know the date that the equipment was previously tested (you can find that information on the relevant ‘Completed Tests’ pages on this website) that you maintain records/certificates, that you confirm that any delay is purely due to restraints caused by the Covid-19 situation, and that you will inform them as soon as the latest test has been carried out (should they require you to do so).

There is a publication from the government that sets out all the conditions/legal requirements in the link below:   (Maintaining Portable Electric Equipment in Low Risk Environments)

In the meantime, please email Sarah if you have any queries.

TesterDateFirst NameLast NameVillage Hall Name
Roly TaylorSep/Oct 2021BillGriggAcomb Village Hall
Ray HamiltonJan/Feb 2022CatherineStirling-HillAllendale Village Hall and Rec Ground
Ray HamiltonJan/Feb 2022AnnieEvansAllenheads Trust Ltd
Angela & David Watson/Roly TaylorJan/Feb 2022TimReedBardon Mill and Henshaw Village Hall
Sally Danys & Paul DenisMar/Apr 2022MichelleNixonBarrasford Village Hall
Tim BirdNov/Dec 2021JoanneRobertsBellingham Town Hall
Tim BirdNov/Dec 2021Bellingham YEC
Sally Danys & Paul DenisMar/Apr 2022DeanRowellBirtley Village Hall
Ray HamiltonJan/Feb 2022MargaretBowersBlanchland Village Hall
David PentneyNov/Dec 2021JoanOliverByrness Village Hall
Shaun StoreySep/Oct 2021AnniePotterCatton & Allendale Chapels
Shaun StoreySep/Oct 2021ChrisBulmanCatton Village Hall
Roly TaylorSep/Oct 2021ElizabethMcCoullChollerton & Gunnerton Churches
Sally Danys & Paul DenisMar/Apr 2022NeilBatesColwell Village Hall
Denis PeelNov/Dec 2021MandySeniorCorbridge Parish Hall
David PentneyNov/Dec 2021RichardVirdenCorsenside Parish Hall
Tim BirdNov/Dec 2021JessicaTurnerFalstone Village Hall
Melvyn Whatmough/Shaun StoreySep/Oct 2021JudithHumphriesFeatherstone Village Hall
Melvyn Whatmough/Shaun StoreySep/Oct 2021ClareHawkinsGilsland Village Hall
Philip HinchcliffeMar/Apr 2022JohnRobertsGreat Whittington Village Hall
Melvyn Whatmough/Shaun Storey
Sep/Oct 2021MikeWoodGreenhead Village Hall
Angela & David Watson/Roly TaylorJan/Feb 2022MaxineWilsonHaltwhistle Swimming and Leisure Centre
Angela & David Watson/Roly TaylorJan/Feb 2022ValerieBellHaydon Bridge Community Association
David BlackettMay/Jun 2022AileenRandHeddon on the Wall WI
David BlackettMay/Jun 2022MikeLakerHeddon Village Knott Memorial Hall
Shaun StoreySep/Oct 2021RobertPhilipsonHigh Forest Community Association
Tim BirdNov/Dec 2021ElizabethBramwellHorsley WI / Village Hall
Roly TaylorSep/Oct 2021DianaLinnettHumshaugh Village Hall
David PentneyNov/Dec 2021JillBungayKirkwhelpington Memorial Hall
Melvyn Whatmough/Shaun Storey
Sep/Oct 2021PaulStaleyKnarsdale with Kirkhaugh Community Hall
Sally Danys & Paul DenisMar/Apr 2022JeanContehMatfen Village Hall
David BlackettMay/Jun 2022CarlRawlingsMerton Hall - Ponteland
All AvailableJun/Jul 2022GeoffreyBockettMinsteracres Retreat Centre
Angela & David Watson/Roly TaylorJan/Feb 2022DavidSpearmanNewbrough Town Hall
David PentneyNov/Dec 2021ChrisKeayOtterburn Memorial Hall and Institute
Chris LindsayMay/Jun 2022ChrisLindsayOvingham Reading Room
David BlackettMay/Jun 2022ShaunaKellyPonteland Memorial Hall
Mike FeeneyMay/Jun 2022DanielFreyhanPrudhoe Parish Hall, St Mary Magdalene PCC
Denis PeelMar/Apr 2022JudithWilthewRiding Mill (Parish Hall)
David PentneyNov/Dec 2021DavidPentneyRochester Village Hall
David PentneyNov/Dec 2021HelenHillRTC Sports and Leisure Centre (Otterburn)
All AvailableJun/Jul 2022PhilipDaviesShepherd's Dene Retreat House (Riding Mill)
Tim BirdNov/Dec 2021SandraRobsonSimonburn Village Hall
Ray HamiltonJan/Feb 2022PatWilsonSlaley Commemoration Hall
Mike FeeneyMay/Jun 2022GailJewittSpetchells Centre - Prudhoe
Ray HamiltonJan/Feb 2022HazelCheelSt Johns Church Hall, Snods Edge
Sally Danys & Paul DenisMar/Apr 2022St. Mary's Church Stamfordham
Denis PeelMar/Apr 2022St. Oswin's Wylam
Sally Danys & Paul DenisMar/Apr 2022Stamfordham URC
Sally Danys & Paul DenisMar/Apr 2022EdwardTrevelyanStamfordham Village Hall & Pavilion
Dave MitchelsonMay/Jun 2022BethGascoigneStocksfield Community Association
Tim BirdNov/Dec 2021RalphBraundTarset Village Hall
Tim BirdNov/Dec 2021OfficeAdministratorThe Hearth Centre, Horsley
Roly TaylorSep/Oct 2021JulieGibbonThe Old Booking Hall, Haltwhistle Station (TVRCP)
Chris LindsayMay/Jun 2022MarionBrownThe Old School, Ovingham
Roly TaylorSep/Oct 2021RolyTaylorWall Village Hall
Tim BirdNov/Dec 2021VickyHerodWark Town Hall and Mechanics Institute
David BlackettMay/Jun 2022JamieThompsonWhalton Village Hall
John HendersonJan/Feb 2022JohnHendersonWhitley Chapel Parish Hall Charitable Trust
Denis PeelMar/Apr 2022FionaOomesWylam Institute
Denis PeelMar/Apr 2022Wylam Methodist Church
Roly TaylorSep/Oct 2021AyeshaJacksonYoung and Sweet