Portable Appliance Testing Completed Tests: 2021-22

This is the record of completed tests for the 2021-22 programme, which are maintained and updated by the testing Coordinator, Roly Taylor.

Community BuildingDate of testingTester

No. Certified
No. FailedDate Invoiced
The Old Booking Hall
Haltwhistle Station
To Be Determined
Roly Taylor
Young & Sweet Haltwhistle Youth Club
Park Avenue NE49 9AU
13 September 2021Roly Taylor28013 Sep 21; Kit1; Invoice RT/1/21; £32
Acomb VH9 February 2022Austin Iliffe101Invoice: £32
Allendale VH8 March 2022Ray Hamilton414Invoice RH4: £32
Allenheads Trust1 March 2022Ray Hamilton191Invoice: RH4 £32
Bardon Mill & Henshaw VH25 October 2021David & Angela Watson
Roly Taylor
261Kits 1 & 3; Invoice: 5 £32
Barrasford VH26 April 2022Sally Danys & Paul Denis201Kit 1; Invoice 22/2 £32
Bellingham Town Hall10 January 2022Tim Bird210Invoice 22/01 £32
Bellingham Reed Hall10 January 2022Tim Bird100Invoice 22/02 £32
Birtley VH26 April 2022Sally Danys & Paul Denis170Kit 1; Invoice 22/3 £32
Blanchland VH22 February 2022Ray Hamilton402Invoice RH2 £32
Byrness VHDavid Pentney
Catton & Allendale Chapels1 November 2021Shaun Storey500invoice £50
Catton Village Hall23 October 2021Shaun Storey
180Kit 2; Invoice 21/5; £32
Chollerton & Gunnerton Churches15 September 2021Roly Taylor8015 Sep 21; Kit 1; Invoice RT/3/21; £32
Colwell VHSally Danys & Paul Denis
Corbridge PH15 November 2021Austin Iliffe272Invoice £32
Corsenside VH12 December 2021David Pentney130Invoice £32
Falstone VH15 January 2022Tim Bird372Invoice 22/05 £32
Featherstone VH4 October 2021; Melvyn Whatmough & Shaun Storey80Kit2; Invoice 21/03; £32
Gilsland VH1 October 2021Melvyn Whatmough & Shaun Storey351Kit 2; Invoice 21/01; £32
Great Whittington VH
Greenhead VH2 October 2021Melvyn Whatmough & Shaun Storey220Kit2; Invoice 21/02; £32
Haltwhistle Leisure Centre25 October 2021David & Angela Watson
Roly Taylor
280Kit1&3; Onvoice 6; £32
Haydon Bridge CC27 October 2021David & Angela Watson Roly Taylor200Kits1&3; Invoice 7; £32
Heddon on the Wall KMHDavid Blackett
Heddon on the Wall WIDavid Blackett
Consett Park Bowling Club20 March 2022Ray Hamilton223Invoice £52
High Forest CA23 October 2021Shaun Storey
91Kit 2; Invoice 21/6; £32
Horsley Hearth Centre6 December 2021Austin Iliffe906Kit 3; invoice £52
Horsley WI12 November 2021Austin Il;iffe?22Kit3; Invoice £32
Humshaugh 17 September 2021Roly Taylor
30017 Sep 21; Kit !; Invoice RT/4/21; £32
Kirkwhelpington VH12 December 2021David Pentney250Invoice £32
Knarsdale & Kirkhaugh9 October 2021Melvyn Whatmough & Shaun Storey170Kit 2; Invoice 21/04; £32
Matfen VHSally Danys & Paul Denis
Minsteracres Retreat Centre
Newbrough THNo replies
Old School, or Scout Hut Ovingham6 October 2021Chris Lindsay322Kit 1; Invoice CL/2/21 £32
Otterburn Memorial Hall15 December 2021David Pentney352Invoice £32
Otterburn RTC15 December 2021David Pentney541Invoice £34
Ovingham Reading Room4 October 2021Chris Lindsay291Kit 1; Invoice CL/1/21 £32
Ponteland Memorial HallDavid Blackett
Ponteland MertonDavid Blackett
Prudhoe PH & Mary Magdalene ChurchMike Feeney
Riding Mill VH2 November 2021Austin Iliffe300Invoice £32
Rochester VH12 December 2021David Pentney14 0Invoice £32
Shepherds Dene Retreat CRoly Taylor, Austin Iliffe, Tim Bird, Denis Peel, Mike Feeney, David Blackett
Simonburn VH16 January 2022Tim Bird80Invoice 22/6 £32
Slaley CH22 February 2022Ray Hamilton191?Invoice RH1 £32
Snods Edge VH & Church10 March 2022Ray Hamilton47 1Invoice RH6 £32
Spetchells Centre, Prudhoe Mike Feeney
Stamfordham VH & Pavilion27 April 2022Sally Danys & Paul Denis31 & 201invoices 22/4 £32; Invoice 22/5 £32
Stamfordham St Mary;s Church Non-members27 April 2022Sally Danys & Paul Denis161Invoice 22/6 £52
Stamfordham Uniting Church Non-member4 May 22Sally Danys & Paul Denis150Invoice 22/7 £52
Stocksfield Community CentreMike Feeney
St Mary's Catholic Church Hexham2 February 2022
Austin Iliffe320Invoice £32
St Peter's Church
31 January 2022Roly Taylor10
0Invoice: RT/22/1: £50
St. Oswin's WylamDenis Peel
Tarset VH, Lanehead14 January 2022Tim Bird180Invoice 22/04 £32
Wall VH & Church6 & 7 September 2021Roly Taylor38
2Kit 1; Invoice RT/2/21; £32
Wark TH11 January 2022Tim Bird251Invoice22/03 £32
Whalton VHDavid Blackett
Whitley Chapel PH21 February 2022Austin Iliffe182Invoice:£32
Wylam InstituteDenis Peel
Ponteland Town CouncilDavid Blackett
Wylam Methodist ChurchDenis Peel